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Mirror of the AccountMate web site.  VAM LAN 5 pages.
Our list of sites that requrire ECN to be disabled.

External links:

Jackson Lee Band Trump video
Symantec virus scan
Samsung F8500 plasma TV: install cooling fans or see calibrated settings
Opt out of DoubleClick, brought to you by Network Advertising Initiative.  Hot Deals Club links to opt out.
GoDaddy discount codes.
Yahoo Mail.
Duron (John's web site).
The CharterHouse and Levinson Lyon internet site
Open Relay Mail Servers: osirusoft and Summit Open Source Development Group 2mbit.com
Slackware current (Beta)
Cygwin, the GNU + Cygnus + Windows = Cygwin web site.
Windows 2000 update v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com

Intranet links:

A 10-Step Program for Search Engine Fitness.
Bash scripting, (external) among other things.
BART PE, our HOWTO for building a bartpe bootable recovery CD for Windows.
PC Magazine 104 Ways to make Windows Work Better
Advanced Bash Scripting
The local LARTC stuff is here, the remote LARTC web site is here.
Apache Status Codes.
Apache Server Survival Guide
DJBDNS, a caching DNS without BIND's problems.  External: cr.yp.to - the web site.
ftpcopy, Uwe Ohse's excellent FTP client.
How to Defeat Bad Robots. File tarball.
Maximum Security, a Hacker's Guide to Protecting your Internet Site and Network
iptraf, a visualization of IP traffic, manual

Search or Browse postings to forums.jag-lovers.org.  Click here to learn how to use our Jaguar specific search engine.  We urge you to try us first.
Regardless of which search engine you use, you should use Firefox as your web browser because the Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox will correct a problem wherein display of the results is otherwise nearly illegible.  Adblock Plus does two terrific things; it supresses the display of unwanted advertising and it cleans up jag-lovers.org so that Firefox can properly display those pages.  Instructions and suggestions for setting up Adblock Plus are here.

KDE's Konqueror web browser - site passwords.
libtcp++_0.1.1 binary and tcpgate-0.0.2 binary files.
mirror-2.9 documentation.
mod_gzip manual.
Netscape as default browser link
Partitioning and booting with XOSL multiboot manuals:  CDROM, Install, SBM and User.
Php Address book test
Copy of the impossible to get sapaf.html by Blars Blarson Single-address proxy-arp firewall document
Gaztronics.net Rsync for Windows and ITEFIX, where you can get an installable Rsync.
SetACL, a Windows permissions program.
Slackware Linux Unleashed
System Administrator's Survival Guide
TDE, the Trinity Desktop Environment, binaries, Slackbuilds and source code.
Virtual Network Computing (vnc) X documentation
Set up a "help desk" using a Linux repeater / proxy and UltraVNC
64-bit Vista or Windows 7 and CharterHouse.

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